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JOB: Complete a Leverage meme - as a team!
DEADLINE: Daily Final deadline: June 14th 2014: 19:59 GMT15:59 CDT
♠ As a team, you need to complete the list of items, one item per day! Items can be expressed as:
~ 100 words (minimum)
~ 5 icons (that fit to livejournal icon requirements)
~ 3 sig tags
~ 2 larger tumblr style graphics (500x500 or 500x700)
~ 2 gifs (that you made yourself)
♥ Each item must be completed by one player. It's up to your team how you split up the items, the only proviso is the item must be posted on its correct day (as long as it is that day in your timezone, it will be allowed - up until the last item which must be posted before 19:59 GMT). To do this, each team must create one entry in their team community which they will make public on the last day of the heist, and players must submit their items as new comments.
♠ Each entry must also start with a sign-in thread. Only sign-in once you've produced something for a day.
♦ Once your entry has been created, please one player post the link in a comment to this entry.

♪ 100 points for the team for every 5 days completed (up to June 10th) [max: 500 points]
♪ 100 points for the team who completes June 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th correctly
♪ 10 points for each player who submits an item and signs-in
♪ +50 points for the team if every day is completed
♪ +100 points for the team with the highest % active participation (participation counts as creating and submitting an entry on the right day)

Challenge 12: Season Six Masterpost

Yay! We did it!

Hatters, please place all your completed Season 6 media here.

Don't forget to sign the participation list below. Planning and brainstorming definitely counts!

Hardison's filing system:


Hi All,

Just had a look at the team challenge and thought I'd post this to get a head start on it. Hope you don't mind lovely mods. XD

So... It was a dark and stormy night.

We need a plot, and probably a beginning-middle-end structure. Ideas?



Welcome to the Bat Cave

Heist 12: 14.02.14 - 31.05.14

wizbey, haces222


Hardison's filing system

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